Z. Ren, S. Subramaniam & S.B. Pope

November 2002

This website contains a Fortran 90 implementation of the EMST mixing model, for use in PDF computations of turbulent reactive flows. The EMST model is described in the paper " A mixing model for turbulent reactive flows based on Euclidean minimum spanning trees " by S. Subramaniam & S.B. Pope, Combusiton & Flame 115,487-514 (1998).

Researchers may download the files(instructions below) and use the EMST subroutine in conjunction with their PDF code. In publications based on the use of this implementation, we request that in addition to S. Subramaniam & S.B. Pope (1998), you also reference this website, i.e., "Implementation of the EMST mixing model", Z. Ren, S. Subramaniam & S.B. Pope (2002),

The file emst.tar can be downloaded and then the files that it contains can be extracted (e.g., tar -xf emst.tar). The file Readme.txt contains instructions on the use of the subroutines.

Please report any problems to Z. Ren at .